About Us

ProCot Cooperative, an FSA approved cooperative marketing association, is now accepting member enrollment for the 2024-2025 crop year. We are a non-profit producer organization established to offer services to members across the United States cotton belt. Our Board of Directors, with years of combined experience in cotton production, ginning and merchandising, provides a foundation for growth and success. ProCot is administered by the largest cotton trading organization in the world: Allenberg Cotton Co., a member of the Louis Dreyfus Company family.

Allenberg is supported by a research team equipped with the most modern facilities for gathering weather and news reports, statistical data, intelligence material and academic analyses from around the world. With its worldwide team of merchants, Allenberg is uniquely positioned to offer ProCot first-class marketing expertise. The marketing and administration agreement between Allenberg and ProCot ensures that producer-members will obtain a competitive fixed minimum price and anticipates (but cannot guarantee) enhancements to that price during the course of the marketing year. Allenberg's understanding of government cotton programs and price relationships will give members a "leg up" on maximizing opportunities to realize a premium price for their cotton while having the security of a guaranteed minimum price.

ProCot is not the only cooperative association competing for producers' attention. If you choose ProCot, we will earn your trust and your continued membership. This is the goal of ProCot Cooperative and of Allenberg Cotton Co.

Sample 2024 Contract